A message to Gwynedd’s Heritage Forum

Dear all,

There has not been a meeting of the Gwynedd Heritage Forum for some time and due to the present situation we thought  it would be a good idea to reconnect so that we can support each other.

We appreciate, clearly that this is an incredibly challenging time for everyone and especially so the heritage and culture sector that is so dependent on income and grants.

We are getting in touch with you to see how things are going, and whether you have any concerns or points that you would like us to raise with our elected representatives, or to raise with us as the Council.

It would be really useful for us to get an idea of how our arts sector is coping and of any challenges being faced.

As a local authority, we have established a page on our website with information and support for local communities and businesses in Gwynedd. The information is available here:


It is ironic that culture, heritage and the arts are all seen as being so important during a period of national emergency – the exact same areas that have been cut so much over the past years, and hopefully this period will prove one thing for the future – that these are a crucial part of creating balanced, sustainable and happy communities.

If there is anything that we can do to support you, or if you require any advice or help – please let us know and we will do our best as a team. Remember that we can also share information about events or activities through Creative Gwynedd, Storiel and Gwynedd Council social media.

e are considering whether there would be any merit in digital meeting in the coming weeks to discuss any matters arising  and also to develop a recovery plan for the period that will follow the emergency – would this be useful? We do not want to waste anyone’s time – so if it is not appropriate, please do let us know!

Our warmest regards to you all


Cyng. Gareth Thomas




Roland Evans

Pennaeth Cynorthwyol Economi a Chymuned

Assistant Head Economy and Community


Cyngor Gwynedd Council

Stryd y Jêl



LL55 1SH


01286 679 450

[email protected]