The exhibition focuses on the practice and collaboration of the brothers, who often worked collaboratively through shared ideas. It celebrates the achievement of the late Bangor-based Paul Davies. Whilst it cannot cover the full range of his work, ideas and contribution, it does present an indication of his influence and relevance.

Notable with Peter was the formation of Beca (c1974), named in tribute to the Rebecca Riots (1841-1843), which sought for social justice in rural South West Wales. Beca developed into a loosely formed collaborative artist group. Challenging Welsh imagery in a variety of media was made, which helped to place Welsh issues of identity, language, culture and politics on the visual arts agenda.

Beca artists continue to exhibit widely in different forms and contexts, notably at the National Eisteddfod. An associated one day BECA POP-UP with work by Paul Davies, Pete Telfer, Ivor Davies, Iwan Bala, Sara Rhoslyn Moore and Peter Davies launched ‘Beca Rising’.