‘Between II Lights’ is a series of paintings that exist somewhere between reality and fantasy. They are imaginary, otherworldly and mystic places, but have been inspired by the striking mountains of Snowdonia.

The paintings are set in the distant past – where there are no roads or pylons, and no sign of humanity.  I have attempted to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere in a world untouched by Man.

They are hopeful paintings in a world that has become so uncertain and that can be cruel at times. I stress the importance of not taking our beautiful landscape for granted, and that the natural world should be protected at all costs.


‘Between II Lights’ suggests that we are almost in the darkness with the issues of the modern world appearing to be serious.

However, the light penetrates intensely through the shadows, which conveys the hope that we as people will open our eyes, and will take good care of the earth and of each other before it’s too late.


The darkness also conveys the more difficult aspects of life, but the brighter colours, in marked contrast, show that there is light to be found behind every cloud or murkiness.


I have combined two techniques in line with the duality of the paintings, namely lino printing and brush painting. The craggy texture created by the lino contrasts with the gentleness of brush strokes in the background.

‘Between II Lights’s landscapes are of pure and alluring places. I hope the exhibition allows people to escape from today’s intense world, and inspires the viewers to concentrate on the light.