Local and Community History Month

Covid ReCollect: The story of Gwynedd during COVID-19


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The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in our lifetime, and it is essential that we capture this period by making an appeal for items so as to have a historic record.

We are looking for items that reflect everyone’s experiences in the community during this period. These can be artworks, photographs, videos, poetry, extract from a diary, recipies, stories or objects.

This will enable us to tell the story of the pandemic in Gwynedd through archives and objects in the future. They will also contribute towards portraying a fuller account of the history and culture of Gwynedd.

It is intended to create a virtual gallery on Storiel’s Instagram and website to get an overview of life during the COVID-19 lockdown by displaying a selection from the items received .

Once it is safe to do so, we will select items to be added to our collections and will contact you to arrange their transfer. Please keep them until then. Documents such as artworks / photographs / videos / poetry / extract from a diary / recipies / stories and similar will be transferred to the Gwynedd Archives Service collection and objects will be transferred to Storiel Museum’s collection.

We also intended to select some of these items to create an exhibition at Storiel when it is safe to do so.

This project is launched as part of the Local and Community History Month. We will be contributing to other national initiatives and specific activities for children and young people will also be organised. Keep up with the latest events by checking our website and social media accounts.

To take part email [email protected]

  • Send items digitally
  • Send digital photographs of objects
  • Or call 01248 353368
  • Send your Instagram username if you have one and please send a # with a location eg #Caernarfon #Meirionnydd