Twelve artists, twelve portraits. Original work from the television series ‘Cymry ar Gynfas’ (Welsh on Canvas) where each episode followed one artist as they portrayed one Welsh icon in a media of their choice.

In the two series of ‘Cymry ar Gynfas’ for S4C 12 Welsh artists and 12 prominent Welsh individuals were paired with the challenge that each artist would create a portrait.

In the process of making these series each artist would spend a day with their ’subject’ in a location of their choice, then return to their studio to work on the portrait before revealing the finished work.

Each artist pushed themselves to their utmost to complete this set challenge. The final collection of excellent portraits reflect all sorts of familiar Welsh individuals and all sorts of creative practises which makes for a comprehensive and interesting collection.

The artists and individuals portrayed are:


Series 1

Iwan Gwyn Parry  |  Robin McBryde

Meirion Jones  |  Max Boyce

Annie Morgan Suganami  |  Catrin Finch

Luned Rhys Parry  |  Rhys Mwyn

Sarah Carvell  |  Margaret Williams

Billy Bagilhole  |  Bryn Terfel


Series 2

Catrin Williams  |  Beti George

Meinir Mathias  |  Iolo Williams

Christine Mills  |  Osian Huw Williams

Anthony Evans  |  Myrddin ap Dafydd

Seren Morgan Jones  |  Kizzy Crawford

Wil Rowlands  |  Dafydd Iwan


Series 2 can be seen on S4C Clic during the exhibition period.