A response to the coastal landscape where the foothills of the Carneddau meet the shores of the Menai. Constantly fascinated by rhythm and movement around him, this new collection of works sees the artist paint in a more direct and fluid way. Shown are smaller studies in watercolour and larger works in acrylic with a reference to previous works in oils.


“I live on the coast, where the Menai and the foothills of the Carneddau meet the sea.  It was a  natural response for me to paint and try to make sense of what I saw around me.  Initially I used oil paint in a realistic way and enjoyed looking north towards the sea at the movement of the clouds and the rhythm of the sand channels that the sea had left behind.

During the Covid lockdown I started to walk daily along the coastal path and took my watercolours with me to paint in a more direct and fluid way.  Rhythm and movement still fascinated me but now I could find it in the foothills and wetlands seen from the coastal path.  During this period I also started to paint larger works in my studio using acrylic paints on canvas.  They evolved from the watercolours and I use a similar technique.”

Huw Jones