INOIS OPEN is a new collaboration between the independent label INOIS and the Gallery and Museum, Storiel in Bangor. We will hold monthly sessions opening the door to the creative process while being an open studio space for artists and young people.

Once a month the café in Storiel is open to all for an afternoon at INOIS to take over. These afternoons will be an opportunity to create, discuss and learn. INOIS will bring studio equipment and invite artists to work on their music but the door will also be completely open to anyone who comes in, who is already working on their art, who wants a cuppa or even just wants to have a look at all the commotion that’s going on.

INOIS OPEN will be a space that will be formed by the people who turn up every month and be guided by the aspirations of those people. Who knows what will be created? A new album? A new artist? Or maybe it’s just a conversation that will inspire a young person to start going after their creative ideas. These sessions will be an opportunity to share, to listen, to create and more importantly a space that will – be open- to all.

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Session 1 – 13/7:…/aragor-inois-ar-agor…..

Session 2 31/8:

Session 3 14/9:…/aragor-inois-ar-agor…..