‘Cysylltiad Lliw + Colour Connections’ brings two artists who are engaged with colour together for the first time.  This exhibition is the culmination of a continual dialogue over several years and has led to a recent focused production time of new work and collaboration resulting from each artists’ different perspectives on colour.

In terms of previous practice, both artists have searched for greater clarity in objective and subjective contexts, and both artists have developed parallel portfolios at different locations in Wales, Europe and global locations.  In order to collaborate, develop understanding of and critically respond to each other’s creative methods, Hedley and Smith have made a series of paintings in their respective studios whilst maintaining a close critical dialogue that in turn has fed back to this joint exhibition.  The exhibition features first time collaboration using Japanese papers made on location in Crete.  Collaboration on actual work sets a precedent for both artists with implication and significance in the widest context.