Discover the wonders of north Wales’ marine environment.

From our amazing shark and rockpool species, to life beneath the waves in a seagrass meadow, the Living Seas exhibition will take you on a journey into our seas, across our beaches and along our coastlines.  We’ll delve into the impact we have on our natural environment and hunt for the marine treasures which can wash up onto our shores.

See examples of shells, mermaid’s purses (shark eggcases) and interesting shoreline discoveries, methods of planting and growing seagrass, and marine ‘treasures’ such as sea beans and Lego lost at sea. On certain days members of the North Wales Wildlife Trust team will be available to lead you around the exhibition and to chat about their work in the marine environment of north Wales.  


If you would like to arrange a group visit to the exhibition please contact Reece Halstead,  

Living Seas Engagement Officer (North Wales Wildlife Trust), at [email protected], or on 07375 995023