Works by 18 artists representing some of the diverse genre’s of paintings to be found in the Bangor University art collection. From figurative landscapes and portraits to still life and abstract expression, see which of these artworks inspire you. Young artists have also been invited to respond. Their artworks will then be exhibited with the original paintings.


Brenda Chamberlain  •  A.S.Craig  •  Anthony Goble  •  Frederick Hayes  •  Robert Hunter  •  Selwyn Jones  •  David Kinmont  •  Winifred Nicholson  •  Wendy Noel  •  Edward Povey  •  Thomas Roland Rathmell  •  Brian Rees  •  William Selwyn  •  Andrew Smith  •  Edward Wadsworth  •  Acwila Williams  •  Claudia Williams  •  David  Woodford