“If I’m not wearing my goalie gloves and my football kit, then without a doubt I’ll have my paint brush in hand and a canvas on the easel.
My role as a footballer has allowed me to travel the world and opened my eyes to how people from different backgrounds live their lives. Wherever someone has been; from the Nantlle Valley, Inverness to Indianapolis the people’s life experience, in relation to each other, their work and the world around them is very similar.
This is the inspiration for my exhibition. The oil paintings are based on real people and simple everyday events. Quiet characters and their warm relationships with each other, at work or at leisure. Experiences that are a fundamental part of all our lives.
With the world around us now so busy and complex, I’d like you to study my paintings in the hope that you will create a personal connection with the characters and remind you of someone or take you back to somewhere.
I sincerely hope they bring a smile to your face.”

Owain Fôn Williams was brought up in Dyffryn Nantlle. A professional goalkeeper currently playing for Hamilton Academicals Club in the SPFL, having recently returned from a happy and successful period playing with Indy 11 in Indianapolis, USA where he was awarded ‘Player of the Year’. He is also a full Welsh International goalkeeper and as a member of the Wales international squad who reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016 in France.
He gains inspiration and imagery to his painting from the sense of ‘belonging’ to the people as he looks around, the natural environment in which he grew up and his pride in his Welsh identity.