“The global climate is warming: glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising.”

The CHERISH project is a team of archaeologists, geographers and geologists studying the effects of climate change on coastal and maritime heritage in Wales and Ireland.

This exhibition at STORIEL showcases a range of work done at coastal sites in Wales from Pembrokeshire to Anglesey. Of local interest are studies at the hillfort and wider landscape of Dinas Dinlle, places of pilgrimage on Gwynedd and Anglesey’s remote islands, shipwrecks at Abersoch and sand dunes at Aberffraw.

From the skies, at the coast edge and beneath the waves they are using the latest technologies including planes, drones and radar to carry out research.  They are monitoring recent and long-term change to reveal the past and present impacts of weather and climate on our rich cultural heritage.

Keep in touch with CHERISH at … www.cherishproject.eu

CHERISH is funded by the EU Ireland-Wales Co-Operation Programme 2014-20 led by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales.