Amid the horrors of Syria’s civil war, hundreds of thousands of citizens have been killed and millions more displaced. This ancient nation of learning and art, of discovery and philosophy has been ravaged by warring factions while the world looks on.


What can remain, in such a place? What can carry on, amid such chaos? What is left, after such loss?


Van Gogh once said – “Art is to console those who are broken by life.


The motivation for this exhibition is to show case inspiring artwork, and to celebrate the impact art can have in times of war – and to provide a diverse, open overview of the Syrian art scene.


The organisation Syria.Art was founded by Khaled Youssef and Humam Alsalim – two art enthusiasts who are deeply passionate about their homeland and are driven to give a platform and voice to the talented contemporary Syrian artists living all over the world.


“During troubled times”, says Khaled, “it is essential to offer another vision of Syria through its culture and the artistic creation of its artists.”


This stunning exhibition has been co-curated by

Menna Thomas (Caernarfon) and Humam Alsalim (Berlin).