Wales has an inherently magical culture. From our myths, legends, and folk tales, to our traditions of folk magic. Our culture has even influenced much of modern day Paganism and Witchcraft. In this workshop we will be exploring the history of Witchcraft and Magic in Wales. We will delve into folk tales concerning Witches, Wizards and Cunning Folk. We will also be looking at traditions of conjuring, cursing, charming and blessing. Come along to learn about traditional Welsh spells and charms that were believed to heal illnesses, to curse those who had wronged you, and to protect your home. On top of this we will also be exploring how Wales’ magical heritage has influenced and inspired modern Paganism and Witchcraft today.

Come along as well to buy a copy of Mhara’s book Welsh Witchcraft: A Guide to Spirits, Lore and Magic of Wales and to get it signed!

This workshop will be run by Mhara Starling, a modern day Witch from Anglesey. Mhara is an author, and writes books on the subjec of Welsh Witchcraft and Folklore. She runs a coven The Sarffes Goch Coven, and has taught on the subject of Paganism, Witchcraft, and folklore online, at numerous conferences, and many events across the country.

Tickets are £10 and booking is essential. Please phone Storiel on 01248 353368