Black History Month

Black History Month

In light of Black History Month, we would like to highlight the artifacts in our museum that relate to this significant period. Among these items is the Conch Shell, a large strombus or conch shell horn that was used up until the 19th century to call farm workers in from the fields for their breaks…. Read more »

Meet the Team- Glain Meleri

Name: Glain Meleri Position: Site Assistant The main duties of your role at Storiel: My duties include opening and closing the building, preparing for events as well as any day to day tasks at Storiel. How long have you worked at storiel? I started working at Storiel in April 2022. What is the best thing… Read more »

Meet the Team- Manon Dafydd

Name: Manon Dafydd Position: Casual Site Assistant Main Duties: Opening and closing the building, welcoming visitors and providing assistance wherever I’m needed How long have you worked at Storiel: 8 months What is the best thing about your role at Storiel? : Getting to work in a beautiful building full of history and art, and… Read more »

Winning artists at STORIEL, Bangor annual Open Art exhibition.

This year an open theme was set for the annual Open Art exhibition at STORIEL. A diverse range of framed artworks have filled the gallery walls along with a range of ceramic pieces. Two paintings in oil by Jonathan Retallick was awarded the Selector’s Choice. Works by eight other artists also received commendation. As the… Read more »

Blue or Pink?

When a baby is born the first question asked is ‘what sex is it’, followed by ‘how much did it weigh’. Neither of these questions should really make any difference to the future life of an individual, but they are so inbuilt we rarely question them. Cultural expectations begin at birth.  Until the First World… Read more »

Gender Views in Roman Times?

Roman and Greek attitudes to gender influenced later civilisations.   Roman society was patriarchal, and strong commanding virile men were the most highly respected. (Vir: the roman word for man) Alpha males have been described as ‘impenetrable  penetrators’ – it was not thought wrong to have sexual relations with other men, and boys, although the ‘penetrator’… Read more »

STORIEL Open 2022 – Selector’s Prize Winner: Jonathan Retallick

Jonathan was born and raised on Anglesey. In his younger years, he often walked the North Wales countryside with local artists and was inspired by the special places nestled in the sublime landscapes. He expresses this passion by showing the effect that both artificial and natural light have on organic environments, developing a non-representational way… Read more »

Artist Spotlight: Pete Jones

I was born and bought up in Bangor, Wales. After studying at Chester School of Art in 1979 I completed a degree in Fine Art (Painting) at Loughborough College of Art & Design during 1983. My life then took a “swerve” through the NHS, becoming a Learning Disability Nurse for 30 years, before returning to… Read more »

The Dancing Marquess

Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey (16th June 1875- 14th March 1905), styled Lord Paget until 1880 and Earl of Uxbridge between 1880 and 1898, nicknamed ‘Toppy’ was a British peer known for spending his inheritance on an extravagant social life and accumulating massive debts during his brief life. He was the eldest son… Read more »