Blue or Pink?

Blue or Pink?

When a baby is born the first question asked is ‘what sex is it’, followed by ‘how much did it weigh’. Neither of these questions should really make any difference to the future life of an individual, but they are so inbuilt we rarely question them. Cultural expectations begin at birth.  Until the First World… Read more »

Gender Views in Roman Times?

Roman and Greek attitudes to gender influenced later civilisations.   Roman society was patriarchal, and strong commanding virile men were the most highly respected. (Vir: the roman word for man) Alpha males have been described as ‘impenetrable  penetrators’ – it was not thought wrong to have sexual relations with other men, and boys, although the ‘penetrator’… Read more »

A message to Gwynedd’s Heritage Forum

Dear all, There has not been a meeting of the Gwynedd Heritage Forum for some time and due to the present situation we thought  it would be a good idea to reconnect so that we can support each other. We appreciate, clearly that this is an incredibly challenging time for everyone and especially so the… Read more »

Lloyd George and Spanish Flu

In 1918 the world was on its knees, after 4 years of war, the strain of H1N1 flu came as a shadow over the world. Known as the Spanish flu, because Spanish journalists unlike most in the world were reporting the disease and deaths, this was the most serious pandemic since the Black Death. 11… Read more »

Supplier of the Month: Intro

Hi! I’m Gwenno and this is my first post here. I’m from Gwynedd and am currently in my 3rd year of studying History and Archaeology at Bangor University, so I have a big interest in medieval history. I’ve recently been on a Work Placement at Storiel as I have a big interest in local history… Read more »

Croeso! Welcome!

Yma cewch y newyddion diweddaraf o Storiel…..brysiwch yn ôl yn fuan! Here you fill find all the News from Storiel…. come back soon!